Heating ventilation and air conditioning is the technology of environmental comfort. The purpose of this technology is to provide thermal comfort and exceptional indoor air quality.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is the transfer of thermal energy from one body or substance to another of different temperature. This process involves placing tubing in the floor with a constant flow of high temperate water giving off warmth and ultimately heating the floor.



Snowmelt is the system of melting fallen snow. This system uses the same idea as Radiant heat, which is to transfer thermal energy from one body or substance to another of different temperature. However, in this case there is tubing inserted in the driveway that is heated by flowing warm glycol and signalled by a moisture sensor in order to trigger the system and melt the snow.



We offer custom and unique finishing’s for grilles, registers and exhaust/intake caps depending on our client’s specifics needs and requests. At V&P we don’t limit ourselves to fixed products we enjoy the challenge of creating custom solutions with our client’s.


Indoor Pool Dehumidification Systems

A mechanical dehumidification system is used to control humidity, while at the same time, using the same energy by-products to increase comfort by managing both pool and air temperature.



V&P offers residential fireplaces available for either a contemporary or traditional look that can generate little or a lot of heat depending on the required usage.


Custom Designs

A Design is a plan or drawing created to show the look and functioning of how a system works. V&P does all duct designs in house to suit the client’s custom needs, while also ensuring a firm and detailed understanding of activities prior to starting the job.