When should I replace my existing HVAC equipment?

Be your own home comfort adviser!

  • Locate the manufacturer’s sticker on your Furnace. Is it older than 12-15 years old? Is the efficiency less than 95%?
  • Locate the manufacturer’s sticker on your outdoor Air Conditioner. Is it older than 12-15 years old? Does it use R-22 refrigeration?
  • Locate the type of venting for your furnace. There will be a round pipe coming from the top of your furnace. Is this pipe black PVC or metal?
  • Is the furnace venting tied in with your Hot Water Tank? There will a metal pipe coming from the top of your Hot Water Tank and a metal pipe from the top of your Furnace joining into one pipe.
  • Look at your energy bill. Is there an unreasonable increase in energy usage?
  • Is there uneven temperature throughout your home?
  • Do you require frequent repairs?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then it may be time for new HVAC equipment.

What is involved in replacing my existing HVAC equipment? Where do I start?

Step One: Do your due diligence

  • Do your really need new HVAC equipment? See FAQ “When should I replace my existing HVAC equipment” above.
  • Have you done your research and found a professional, qualified and certified HVAC Contractor?

Step Two: Contact us

  • We will set up a in home assessment with a professional Home Comfort Advisers at a time of your convenience!
  • All our in-home assessments are free! If someone tells you otherwise its time for a new contractor.
  • Your Home Comfort Advisers have been trained specifically with your best interest in mind!

Step Three: In home assessment

  • Your Home Comfort Adviser will come to your house at a time that is convenient for you.
  • The advisor will walk through your options including; equipment, extended warranty options, maintenance options and payment methods.
  • Your Home Comfort Adviser will also discuss your options for manufacturers rebates and government incentives.

Step Four: Take your time

  • We encourage you to take your time to discuss with your family.
  • We encourage you to get multiple free in-home assessments to see if there may be a better option for you.

Step Five: Installation

  • We will set up an installation date and our technicians will be there on time, prepared for the install.
  • All our technicians are employed with V&P Enterprises. We do not believe in subcontracting out our work. Quality control is important to us!

Step Six: We follow up

  • Your Home Comfort Adviser will follow up after the installation. We want to make sure you are satisfied with your new equipment.
  • We want to know if you have any questions, concerns or other services we can provide.

What kind of manufacturer rebates and government incentives can I get?

  • Receive up to $1,600 in manufacturer rebates.
  • Receive up to $1,600 in Enbridge incentives.
  • Receive up to $850 in SaveOnEnergy incentives.

Yes! You really can get $4,050 back in rebates and incentives for upgrading your furnace, air conditioner and thermostat. Your Home Comfort Advisers will walk you through your options.

Why is your rental program different from the rest?

We believe in transparency and fairness! Our rental terms are laid out in clear, easy to understand language. All rental equipment includes;

  • Trusted brand
  • Affordable FIXED monthly payments
  • NO annual rate increases
  • NO penalties for early buyout
  • Fully transferable
  • After contract is complete there is NO additional buyout and billing automatically STOPS
  • 10-year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Annual maintenance
  • NO charge standard installation
  • Complete peace of mind

What about financing, what is V&P's financing rates?

We also offer transparent financing options laid out in clear, easy to understand language.

  • $1,000 – $4,999 is 9.95% annual interest.
  • $5,000 – $9,999 is 8.95% annual interest.
  • $10,000 + is 7.95% annual interest.

Its that simple! You can pay off the amount as quickly as you want with NO penalties. NO annual rate increase and all financing options are fully transferable if you decide to sell your home. For other financing options, you can talk to your Home Comfort Advisers during your free in-home assessment.

Why is maintenance so important for my equipment?

Just like a car, improperly maintained equipment can break down unexpectedly costing you money, time and safety. Annual maintenance helps keep your equipment running at peak performance reducing your monthly heating bills and chances of breakdowns. Most importantly annual maintenance keeps your family safe by detecting any carbon monoxide leaks in the system.

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